There are 4 types of Sins. Sin Scissors, Sin Scythe, Death Scissors. Death Scythe. They all wear masks to keep there power in the human world. Sin Scissors wears a human face mask to keep there power in the human world. The Sin Scissors are slow attackers and simply try to snip at Dante. Sin Scythes spin and throw there scythes at Dante and also wears a human face mask. Death Scissors wears a large bull skull mask making him alot stronger than the Sins. Death Scissors has a large curved cutting shear and when encountered it will trap Dante in a evil field to restrict his space. Also wearing a bull skull mask Death Scythe carries 4 scythes at a time and can conjure a tornado to propel dante in the air to get a good attack at him. Death Scythe sometimes will beserk and throw all his scythes at him at a time.